Guest Post: Rachael from It's Simple Love

Picnic must-haves

Hello lovelies!  I am Rachael from It's Simple Love.  

I have the pleasure to guest post while Reese is in Vancouver!  I am a summer girl.  I live for summer.  One of my favorite things to do is to be outdoors in the shimmering warming sun.  Another favorite thing of mine?  Eating.  Combine the two and you get a lovely little picnic. Here are some picnic "must-haves" via etsy.  This is everything you need to have a stylish picnic.

Now all you need is the food!  Which is one of the most important parts.  Below are some easy recipes for picnic food:

Now go outside and enjoy what we humans are good at, eating.  
Thanks again for the opportunity to guest post!  
Be sure to say hello at It's Simple Love!  

I bid you adieu.

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