Amalfi Coast Wedding in Maiori, Italy

Happy Friday!

Before I've even had a chance to settle in from my trip to Canada and tell you all about it, I'm off to a wedding to the town of Maiori, Italy tomorrow, which is south along the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno (Campania, Italy). Ironically, my husband and I thought the wedding was on Saturday. We were so sure, in fact, that we didn't even bother looking at the invitation. However, after a brief conversation and debate over iced coffee with a friend (who wasn't going to the wedding), we learned that we had been mistaken the entire time. I must say....we were very fortunate indeed to have found this out. Imagine...showing up somewhere and wondering where everyone is. It's like - "Hello?! Where is everyone?!" Straight out of a scene from the twilight zone where you think you're in the right place and the right time, but no one else is. 

I've been to the Amalfi Coast a few times before and it's absolutely beautiful and picturesque, with quaint little towns and windy roads (which would have been perfect on a motorcycle, however, I'm still recovering from pulling my back, so totally not doable - more about that story in another post ) On the downside, the beaches are brownish grey and gritty and it's heaving with tourists during the summer. I shall write more about this trip when I return and will hopefully share with you some lovely photos of an 
Italian wedding.

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A view of the western coastline of Italy

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