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Furniture Flipping

I am excited to kick off an extension on Live the Home Life’s Rehabilitation Station on Rambles with Reese!
The new LTHL feature, Furniture Flipping, takes a not-so-glamorous piece and whips it into shape with a virtual makeover—complete with the how-to, of course.

Let’s bring on the first guinea pig and get down to some serious rehabilitating…

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves, this guys isn’t terrible to begin with—I’ve seen worse. We’ve all seen worse—but still in need of a little pick me up.

On to the game plan…

After a light sanding and good coat of primer—don’t skip this part unless you just enjoy kicking yourself—a pretty wallpaper print and couple of cans of paint in colors complementing your paper step in to assist. For our design we went with dark taupe and off white.

Once the primer has had plenty of time to dry, remove the drawers and paint the frame of the dresser the off-white color.

White the drawers are out, measure and cut the wallpaper of your choosing to fit the face of the drawers. Then follow the directions specific to your wallpaper for application.
(For a general how-to, click here.)
Finally, paint the top of the dresser and drawer handles the darker taupe color. Let dry and you’re in business! Made in the shade with a like-new dresser that you won’t find in any store…and the feel good factor of completing this project DIY style!




  1. I love the idea of adding wallpaper! When the time comes that I can actually find a piece of furniture to refurbish, I am going to remember these tips!

  2. That is an amazing "how to"...project! I really like stuff like that:) Great post:)
    Kisses and wish you a fantastic Wed!

  3. I love D.I.Y's and renovation projects and you have such great ideas Cara! I love going to your blog and seeing what your next projects are.

    You are "one talented" lady!!


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