Guest Post: Diana from exPress-o

Fairy Tales Come True!

Hello Darlings!
I am Diana from exPress-o and I am so happy to be
a guest blogger here today.
Thank you so much Reese for this cool opportunity…I am very honored and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Today I would like to share with you this tiny and romantic Victorian Cottage in the Catskills. As soon as I saw this place I thought it’s a perfect mini vacation to relax and regroup.

Hmm…I can already imagine myself sitting on the front porch reading a book while listening to the trees dancing with the wind:)

The stunning sleeping loft is accesible by a ladder and the chandelier and the bedding gives such a Shabby Chic vibe…Don’t you think?

What a clever bookshelf solution!
I am so over the moon with the dusty white interior, overflowing ruffly bed linens, stunning chandeliers and even those rosebuds – that make the place even more perfect for a summer destination. . . Ahhh…who is in? Should we pack?

Kisses my Darlings and thank you again,


Ps: For more photos of this dreamland,click here (


  1. Hi Reese,
    Thank you for having me:) Have a wonderful day and see you soon,sweetie!

  2. This is an amazing find! Love your posts, as always!

  3. THAT. is pretty dreamy, indeed!
    Great guest post Diana!

  4. Great post Diana! Such a beautiful little cottage. I have got my bags packed!

  5. Wow, what a quaint little cottage! It seems like it should be in a fairy tale. I'd love to relax there for the weekend!


  6. Oh that loft is gorgeous!! It does make me fall into dreaming too...thanks for hosting Diana, one of the sweetest bloggers out there!! :)

  7. That's not too far from me. I think I may have to look into making a reservation!

  8. Fab, I love her and I love this post!

  9. I LOVE it! My mom shared that NY Times article with me and we swooned for days. The bed in the loft is TDF, is it not? I'd be there with Wellies and a bottle of wine :)

    Loving the guest post, Diana. You're the best!

  10. Oh my goodness! That loft bed looks idyllic!

  11. Lovely Diana! I want to live there!

  12. Beautiful post! This place is soo dreamy. I LOVE it...especially that loft!!

  13. I am in! Love the idea and I especially love the bed loft! So incredible.


  14. Love how everything is white. It's so small yet liveable I love it!

  15. I love her bed.. soo dreamy!

  16. Reese, that was so much fun! Kisses darling:)

  17. Diana, this post is ethereal and beautiful and it represents your distinct style and personality.

    Thank you again for taking the time to write such a great post!



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