Inspirational Quote of the Day from Oprah

Inspirational Quote 
from Oprah for this final weekend of August 2010

As we head off into the weekend, 
I thought that I might get a little philosophical.

It has been a hot, humid and muggy week, and I laid awake in bed most of last night listening to the traffic outside and the whirring of the fan; restlessly, I thought...what could I write today? What wisdom can I share with you?  
What words of inspiration could I leave with you - to ponder, to reflect upon, to whirl around in your head, to take action with? 
There are and will be many times in your life where you wonder and ask, why is this happening to me, or why am I going through this?

Words are important. Words matter. These words are powerful and revealing - they will help you in times when you're experiencing hurt, sadness, sorrow, grief, anguish, pain and suffering, difficulties....

write it down.
share it with someone.


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