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Childhood Adventures

Hi I’m Cole from lettersfromcoco.
I started blogging earlier this year as a way to keep track of big memories and journal thoughts and inspirations.
I never expected to be pulled into a blogging community of such wonderful encouraging people-Reese definitely being one of them.
Stop by and say hi.
I’m so happy that Reese asked me to be a guest because I really love all the inspiring things she writes here.
Thank you Reese for being so sweet and letting me write a little something here today.

I want to tell you a story about my
favorite childhood adventure.
When I was six years old my parents packed up our car and took my brother and I for a road trip from Arizona to upstate New York.
We spent the whole summer there while my parents
attended bible school.
The thing I loved about living there was that there were people from all over the world staying with us.
We lived with people from South Africa, Australia, all around.
It was really exciting to learn about other cultures firsthand.
It was the first time in my life I had realized that not everyone around the world is the same.
We speak differently, we don’t eat all the same things, and we drive on opposite sides of the road.
I was amazed!
I think this is why traveling is so important.
It’s good to get out of your little bubble and experience the
way other cultures do things.
Reminiscing about this really makes me want to travel more.

My favorite thing about New York was these guys.
We don’t have fireflies in Arizona so being able to run in the fields and catch these little bugs with my brother was so much fun.
I can’t wait for my boys to be a little older so that we can take them on adventures like this.

Did your parents take you on any adventures?
What are some of your favorite
childhood memories?

(photos from weheartit)

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