Bloggging Grief

Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday, I was finally able to post the Interview with Erin that was pulled on Saturday due to technical issues. 
See the post below
Can you see me doing the happy dance?!

I wanted to write about my return trip from Canada to Italy, but instead, I spent all Monday morning dealing with my frustrations with the blogger software. I couldn't seem to get my Interview with Erin from Dandelion and Grey posted without flaws in the layout. I re-wrote the interview twice and something kept on interfering with the format making it almost impossible for me to have it laid out correctly on the blog. Have any of you ever experienced this type of issue? 

Every time I clicked on Preview, the post looked good and ready to go, and then once I clicked on Publish Postit would look all wonky. If you've experienced this problem, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then I commend your good luck cause' it's absolutely frustrating to say the least. However, one good thing I've learned from this is how to manage stress when it comes to rewriting, rewriting and rewriting, and that is to play your favourite happy music while you're doing this very annoying chore and it becomes less of a headache. I played hip hop and dance music to help me get through this particular hell. The interview was so much fun to do, so I wasn't going to let this incident mar my joy of doing the interview.

Thank you all for bearing with me through this technical glitch and I hope you get a chance to read the 
interview below.

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