This Lovely City - A Magical Wedding

I have to say that I'm really excited about writing this post. I have recently discovered a love of  weddings after having my wedding. Now I was never a girly girl. I never grew up with Barbies or any other type of girly figures, and I was a tomboy until my early twenties. I didn't start experimenting with make-up until I was at University. So, weddings were not something I thought about or dreamed of in my future. I definitely had this idea though that if, I was ever going to get married, it would be in a Vera Wang dress, but I had little idea how much that would actually cost. Now that I am married and my wedding day has passed, I assumed that my interest in anything to do with weddings would diminish as well. Strangely enough.......that hasn't been the case. It's an incredibly strange feeling. I guess the only way to explain what's going on in my psyche is that it was the most perfect day that a day could be, and I was so blissfully happy all day long that I want to do it all over again with my very close friends in attendance.

I want to share with you....what may possibly be.......the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seenThis Lovely City has generously allowed me to post her wedding photos on my blog,  which were taken by the very, talented duo at One Love Photo. This is what I would aspire to if I had a wedding again. These photos evoke for me, images of dear friends and family immersed and celebrating in love, magic and fairytales, being present in the moment, and the timeless love and beauty of a story book wedding.

There's not much more to say. 
The photos speak for themselves. 








Absolutely lovely!


  1. Oh this post makes me happy! Thank you so much!! I am so happy to have found a fellow admirer of One Love Photo and I'm so very glad that our wedding has inspired you. I can't tell you how much your kind, kind words mean. This made my day :]

    XOXO. Have a LOVELY day, Reese!

  2. It was an absolute pleasure for me!! And thank you for kindly letting me post it. I do enjoy beautiful and inspiring pictures, and having it on my blog is ....what can I say? An honour.

    It made my day too!!

    xoxo Reese

  3. I felt the same about weddings after mine too. it's just so fun to see how other people do things, or even see a feature that you also wanted, but didn't do for whatever reason.

    Even now, and I'm 2 years in, I sometimes flip through wedding magazines for a few blissful minutes...

  4. oh yay! that is my best friend in the whole world erin and her rad hubby greg! the wedding was so gorgeous, erin and i seriously talk about it a few times a week.. i am truly lucky to have been there and experience it! so pretty so so pretty.. and one love oh man they are TO DIE FOR.. they did such a great job.. i have never seen a photo i havent liked by them..

  5. awesome pics! now....for those of you that love planning weddings. come do mine. 4 months to go and i have not yet found my love for planning!

  6. Don't worry Claire, you'll pick-up the bug soon enough!



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