Italian Men - Not really......hmmm umm, attractive

Now, this posting is not about dissing Italian men, far from it, as my husband is Italian (but thank God, not the traditional kind). I look at it more like, trying to get them to 'wake-up and smell the coffee' and understand that these things that they do are sooooooooo uncool. There is a disturbing trend....although, I've seen it around for a while's a feminization of men here. Now, don't get me wrong. I like the idea of a Metrosexual, but not where it crosses the line into my world of what I know to be "feminine."   

Tight jeans/Skinny jeans/tight (narrow-width) pants - the kind that women wear - soooooo NOT attractive. We women can wear tight or skinny jeans because we don't have 'the package' that men have. But, from what I gather, the men want to show their 'package'.....It's like women who reveal their boobs in low-cut outfits and their boobs are literally hanging out of their tops or dresses. Whatever happened to the old days of leaving it up to the imagination?

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Plucked eyebrows - I don't mind getting rid of a monobrow or a bushy bear brow, or tweaking it just a bit, so a person doesn't look like a hairy monster, but come on....... what is with the completely over groomed look that only belongs on a mannequin or a male supermodel.

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Woman's hair piece/hair band in a man's hair - Uummmmm, you are straight, right??!  I believe this trend may have started on the Italian runways and then the Italian football (soccer) players adopted this trend. I tried searching for photos on the Internet, but I can't find any. In an idea world, I can just stop these guys and ask them, if I can take their photos to post on my blog....but, if it was an ideal world, they wouldn't be wearing it in the first place and I wouldn't be writing about it.

Shiny sneakers? - Why?? They even look bad on women.  

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures of real people that I know or have seen, because they might find it offensive and harass me about I leave it to you and your imagination.

What male trend have you noticed that is a bit scary?

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