Delicious and Mouth-Watering Desserts from Little Room L.A.


You wouldn't believe this or actually maybe you would, but Italians are kind of ....shall we say....egocentric, or is ethnocentric a better word to describe them? Basically, they generally believe that they have the best clothes, food, way of life, etc. in the world and that includes pastries. I do admit that their pastries and desserts are delicious, but they absolutely DO NOT compare to the delicious and mouth-watering desserts that we have in North America. I've tried to explain to many Italians whom I've met that our desserts are to die for....but they just laugh in my face.  Well, after many, many, many times of trying to convince them, I have stopped. They don't know what they're missing.

Little Room L.A. has kindly given me permission to show off her delicious photos that she took in her local area in California. When I see these pictures, I'm reminded even more of how much I really appreciate North American comfort and style. I love the couch and just being able to relax with a book or friends...or just stare out the window and drink in the atmosphere. There's not very many places like this where I live.

Do you have a special place where you like to go?





Aren't these cupcakes delectable?


Blueberry Scones - my favourite!


  1. How cool is that wall art...seriously!

  2. The wall art is STUNNING! I saw this post over on her blog.. amazing. I could use one of those cupcakes right about now!! xo :)


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