I'm Mad Today...but Feeling Better

My favourite class from 2008
Students from Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Brazil, and Switzerland.

The sweetest Japanese students.

One of my best students from Japan. 
Proud to be a Canadian.

I'm mad today. 

I'm mad because of some teenagers who called out racist comments. 
I'm mad at myself because I allowed myself to get angry. 
I'm mad because this happens quite often ....children, teenagers and adults.
Sometimes, I can ignore them, but on other days, I can't seem to shake these incidents off.
I can't seem to be the better person and ignore them.  
I'm sad because I can't talk and share this with anyone here. 
I'm sad because I want to share about it with my husband, but I don't want him to be upset. 
I'm mad because there's nothing I can do. 
I can't make them stop. 

Everytime, I step out of our flat, I mentally prepare myself. 
I put up my defenses.  
Some days, I'm able to let the insults bounce off of me.
I'm able to let it go. 

I think about the things I love about being here.
I think about the nice people I've met.
I think about all the wonderful students I've taught from all over the world, including here. 
I think about my husband's family and friends.
I think about my parents and their experiences.
And most of all, I think about how wonderful and amazing my husband is,
 and how I wouldn't change a thing.
well, maybe one little thing.....

Any advice on how you handle insults or similar type of comments? 
In my classes, I educate my students of all ages....but it isn't enough.

Racism is common in all countries...it's inevitable. However, it's especially noticeable in Greece, and Eastern Europe, and unfortunately, common in southern Italy, but not quite as bad as the latter countries.


  1. Reese, We love you! ... And those unthoughtful people would too if only they would try to get to know you. Come for coffee!

  2. Reese, that is so terrible! I'm so sorry this is happening to you! Hugs, hugs, hugs!!! You can always talk to me about it. Whenever you want.

  3. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. Friends like you that I've made here are one of the reasons why I'm grateful for being here.


  4. It's true that racism exists all over... I'm often surprised by how in your face it can be too. When I was in Namibia, sometimes people would pull my hair and say things. I was always stunned, but after awhile, I just felt sorry for them...


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