Renovation in Italy

I've caught the flu from one of my students....the thing about teaching is that I come into contact with a lot of individuals and it becomes impossible to avoid the germs that are spread this time of year. However, I have wanted to put up this posting for a while, 
so I have forged on and willfully made myself have the energy to write about our renovation project.  

My husband and I have been doing renovations in our new "wonderful, old" flat little by little. And I'm really proud of our accomplishments since we have never done anything like this before in our entire lives. 
I was inspired by This Lovely City to post my here are the before and after pictures. 

Before renovation - there was thirty year old wallpaper peeling off the walls. It took more than one week of peeling, scraping, and sanding to get the walls ready for stucco and paint. 

Unfortunately in Italy, you can't get sample pots, 
so you have to commit to a colour immediately. 
So, since my husband and I are of course, male and female, 
we had differing opinions on wall colour. 
We bought two different pots of paint and decided to test the colours and 
decide which one was right for the room. 
Who do you think got their colour of choice? 

After a lot of work and some new sheets and a new closet, 
this is what the room looks like now. 
We're so happy on how it all turned out.


We're continuing to work on the room, 
so now we're working on re-upholstering the chairs you see in the photo. 
We have no experience on re-upholstering either, but that won't stop us.


  1. I'm so happy to have inspired you to share your place! I absolutely *love* that paint color! The curtains look great. I hope you'll continue sharing photos of your place + your adventures! Happy Monday! xo.


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