I am not a creative person - not by usual standards anyways....I don't make crafts, bake pastries or desserts, draw, sew, knit, or make models of anything, and so forth. I just have a great imagination and I appreciate and love art. I also love to follow people who are creative, and as usual, I found something via Yellow Goat Design that just 'tickled' me pink! I love her shop and her blog, but one of the greatest things about her blog is that she writes about other designers, creators and shops that sell cool things too. 

So, today I discovered on Yellow Goat - Amazing Card Kits by Cool4Cats. They create and sell amazing card paper models that actually move. You order the paper models and put it together at home and they are designed to mechanically move. In order for you to understand what I mean, you have to check out their website. Follow the links below.

This is just a picture of one of their mechanical paper models. It's totally cool! 

The sailor is drawing a real picture of the model lying down on the chaise.

This is a picture of a paper model teacup. 
The spoon is designed to move and stir the tea. 
How ingenious?!!

Here are the links for both on-line shops.


  1. These are so cute! Off to check out Yellow Goat Design!


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