Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree in Italy is one that is made out of plastic. My friends in Canada would be highly disappointed with me, but that's just the way it goes here. There is no smell of pine or the natural falling of pine leaves, but that's okay by me. 

This is a fairly modest Christmas tree, but it's the right size for the both of us. In future, we might decide to get a taller and fatter Christmas tree, but another reason I don't want to buy another plastic tree is that I don't want to add more plastic to the environment. I'm not sure if plastic trees are recyclabe. 

Leave a comment or email me if you know if plastic trees are recyclable. 

How to put up a plastic Christmas tree?

Step one: 
Put all the pieces together. There is no instruction booklet. 
If you need an instruction booklet, you might want to think about returning to grade one. 

My husband received no help from me. I prefer taking pictures.

You might wonder, why is the colour combination blue and red and why aren't the colours mixed together? Well......if you leave the male gender to decorate or design and he is not of the feminine variety, then colour combination becomes a moot point.

The final piece de resistance. Our lovely Christmas tree with lights. 
Even the lights are displayed in a similar colour combination of red on the bottom and blue towards the middle and the top.

I know what you're're thinking it's not that pretty or nice. 
I realize that there are countless Christmas trees that are prettier and more beautiful, and definitely colour coordinated; however, this the most beautiful tree in my view because it's my first Christmas tree with my husband. 


  1. It's perfect :] Merry [Married] Christmas to you Love! xo.

  2. Aw thanks! I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas too.

    Wishing you lots of Christmas joy and fun!


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