ITALY - The People Upstairs

The People Upstairs drag their furniture around on their ceramic floor.
The People Upstairs own a mad dog that barks at anything and everything; 
he cries, howls and barks when left alone.
The People Upstairs have a toddler that throws things on the floor every day. 
The People Upstairs wear high heels.
The People Upstairs pour dirty mop water on my hanging laundry outside.
The People Upstairs shake out their rugs and sweep their debris of dirt, 
dog hair and other refuse onto my balcony and my wet, just washed laundry. 
The People Upstairs pound the life out of their rugs, mats and other things on the balcony rails for an hour or two.
These noises reverberate through my ceiling and sound like fingernails on chalkboard, 
a mad dog barking and running around with long paw nails, objects thrown on the floor, and a hammer pounding.

Do you have People Upstairs?


  1. Thankfully the people upstairs where I live are not loud. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life :)

  2. Reese,
    you can't do anything about the heels, dog or toddler, but you can complain, and loudly and repetitively if necessary, about them dumping stuff onto your laundry and balcony. That is not acceptable here. Stand up for your rights!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. We have spoken about the dumping of water and other debris, but every time they apologize and plead ignorance and say that they didn't realize they were doing it.

    It's the typical Italian response.

    "Sorry, I didn't realize....."



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