Italian Holiday Treats

Hello All! I just wanted to share with all of you some delightful treats I enjoyed this past holiday week. This time of year is when we all indulge. I tend to indulge all year long, however, during Christmas, I receive a little more help due to all the festivities. First, I had a lovely Italian pear cheesecake from one of my favourite cafes, Creme and Cafe in Bisceglie for my birthday. I received more goodies from friends which I'd like to share with you....not literally, of course, but through some photos.

Happy Birthday to me!

A lovely homemade basket full of chocolates, jam, rumballs and nuts. Ummmm, are those koalas trying to steal some goodies.....?

A tray full of gluten-free cookies, chocolates and marzipan

Close-up photos of very, very sweet treats - marzipan, an Italian tradition that is just full of sugar and lasts forever.
Do I really want to eat this?

Homemade white-chocolate with crunchy caramel, covered with milk chocolate. Absolutely divine.

Gluten-free chocolate.

So far, my favourite, gluten-free cookie.

p.s. because of all of these holiday treats and other delicious meals,
my stomach has literally grown twice its size.....has this happened to you?

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