Italian Holiday Treats

Hello All! I just wanted to share with all of you some delightful treats I enjoyed this past holiday week. This time of year is when we all indulge. I tend to indulge all year long, however, during Christmas, I receive a little more help due to all the festivities. First, I had a lovely Italian pear cheesecake from one of my favourite cafes, Creme and Cafe in Bisceglie for my birthday. I received more goodies from friends which I'd like to share with you....not literally, of course, but through some photos.

Happy Birthday to me!

A lovely homemade basket full of chocolates, jam, rumballs and nuts. Ummmm, are those koalas trying to steal some goodies.....?

A tray full of gluten-free cookies, chocolates and marzipan

Close-up photos of very, very sweet treats - marzipan, an Italian tradition that is just full of sugar and lasts forever.
Do I really want to eat this?

Homemade white-chocolate with crunchy caramel, covered with milk chocolate. Absolutely divine.

Gluten-free chocolate.

So far, my favourite, gluten-free cookie.

p.s. because of all of these holiday treats and other delicious meals,
my stomach has literally grown twice its size.....has this happened to you?


  1. Reese,

    You have fabulous friends there to make you all those homemade sweets! I know what you mean about your stomach growing... I'm officially in detox mode.

    It must be hard in Italy though, with temptation all around you!

  2. Oh my! These look so delicious! Those marzipan are too cute! However I probably wouldn't enjoy the pure sugar! The gluten free cookies look + sound so good! I hope you had an AMAZING birthday my dear! xoxoxo


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