Weekend Max List - Geometric Etsy

The weekend is here and I'm up to my ears in paint, plaster and dust!
I was thinking of taking a photo of me in all of it, but I look too hideous...and once I post it - it's forever in "Internet Space."
What do you think? ....Knowing that whatever you post on the Internet is forever "out there."

For the weekend max list I was wondering what to write about....and then I thought - the thing that is really hip right now is geometrics and abstracts, which is right up my alley, as it's one of my favourite types of art to view and make. I also have a treasury on Etsy called Geometric Fun. If you want to check it out, go here

So this is for all of you who love abstracts, lines, shapes, geometrics, whatever you want to call it. These objects would brighten up and modernize any home or outfit. Plus, I love that they're all affordable handmade products. 

Pillowation makes lots of lovely pillow covers! 

what about a one of kind fine art paintings by Oxanart?
original art can be so expensive. I love that it's
so beautiful and affordable!

how about some geometric handmade earrings from DittyDrops?! 

rowhouse14 makes these fun abstract blank abstract cards.

if you're a trendsetter, this geometric prism necklace from iluxo would definitely be up your alley.

this going in circles pendant and triangle recycled necklace would definitely make a statement for any woman from the polka dot magpie.

I adore this polka dot wristlet made with Amy Butler fabric
from woodly creations.

I hope you enjoyed some geometric fun! 

May you have a marvellous weekend! 
I will be thinking of you as I am covered in plaster, dust and paint this weekend!

kisses to you all!


  1. Oh my gosh I love all of those! I love modern and geometric things! I love your finds! Have fun painting and all that! :)

    Ashley Sloan

  2. Love the geometric necklace! Super fun and different!


  3. Oooooo...I'm loving LOVING the black and white geometric pillow cover. I think that would go great in my living room :)

  4. ooh! i really do love these. the oxanart prints are fabulous! and the jewelry. and the pillows for that matter!

    i would like to see the plasterdom!!!! :)

  5. Hi Reese!! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come and visit you and your new shop! I'm on my third summer camp, number four starts Monday and it's been a bit crazy, but in a good way.
    I love your jewelry...it's beautiful, I wish you much success with your new venture...and when I next need to buy myself a gift, I'll know just where to go now!
    xo J~

  6. i love those pillows! and these are all so cute -- it makes geometry look fun! ;)

    p.s. i never really thought of it that way - that whatever we write/post will be forever on the internet. hmm, i should definitely keep that in mind.

    <3, Mimi

  7. Such stunning designs! Love those necklaces. Just the right touch of modern shape for an outfit.

  8. I love all of these! Can I please have the pillows?!

  9. I love all of that! Especially the pillows!

  10. I am definitely into geometric shapes! I love that jewelry! I've done a lot of paintings with patterns and shapes. I'm trying to branch out a little and try some new things.
    Great list!!

  11. I am a lover of geometry! Love all these!

    p.s. This was a while ago, but thanks for the birthday wish! :)


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