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Hi sweeties!

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement this past week!
I do feel much better and hearing from you made me realize how many wonderful people out there. I'm also getting a little pick me up as I'm off to Ikea this evening (my happy place) to pick up a few things. I can't wait to touch the new Ikea catalogue. I've already browsed the online catalogue twice, but there's nothing like actually having a magazine or catalogue in my hand.
What about you? 

This past week, I've been working on custom orders and a cool new bracelet series called "happy bracelets" and a jewellery line for kids.

Princess Set - children's jewellery

what bracelets are you loving? 
what type of jewellery would you like 
to see in my shop? 

i would also like to shout out a big thank you to my first customers! It's such a motivator to make your first sale!

Claire ordered this turquoise set below, she is a follower of Rambles with Reese and also, the writer and blogger behind the fabulous and funny travel blog "I Packed my Sense of Humor and Not Much Else."

Maria, a blog reader, is a mommy to three energetic children, 
and ordered a princess set for her little girl and a custom made bracelet for herself. 

the talented Ms. Rose Reiter bought the green agate stone and oval turquoise bracelets from the shop.

and a final thank you goes out to Demie for the giveaway I won from her blog Paraphernalia. She is one sweet mother and blogger. Go and check her out.

p.s. if you haven't entered the music giveaway, you have until next friday!



  1. Have fun at IKEA! The new catalogue isn't out until September over here. *sadface* x

  2. I love how you're doing children's jewelry too! What a great idea! Have soooo much fun at IKEA :) xo

  3. You are making some really cute items! Why didn't we take a picture of my earrings yesterday?

  4. Wow, these are lovely! Have fun at Ikea :)

  5. Your site is so pretty! the colors and everything. I'm really liking the blue and green crystal bracelets, those are my favorite. Nice work!


  6. Yeah-Thanks for the shout-out! Even more importantly: a very lovely package arrived just yesterday and I LOVED EVERYTHING INSIDE :) My only regret was that I didn't order more!

  7. More beautiful creations! I love the aqua and seafoam colors! And that is such a great idea to make children's jewelry!
    I hope you know that you are a wonderful motivator to us all in starting this shop!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! XO

  8. I love these colorful additions ♥
    And I hope Ikea was fun? Wish we had one nearby, I didn't know how luckt I was when I lived in Oslo and took it for granted :)


  9. My gosh these are so lovely! Soft, gentle beautiful colors. They remind me of sea glass.

  10. Great pieces! I love the smoky gray crystal bracelet!

  11. Thank you for your lovely comments and support about my designs. I think feedback is important so I know which jewellery to make more of and what type to make.

    Cheers everyone! xoxo


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