Music Giveaway Winner and What's New?

what's new?
the festa in our town over the weekend...can you see all the people? 
I could hardly move.

This August has just flown by and although, I'm posting regularly, I do have to say that I'm sorry that I haven't had the time to comment as much as I'd like on your blogs because, not only have I been concentrating on my Etsy shop, I just got back from our mini-vacation down south near Otranto, which is just beautiful, but heaving with people and traffic. This is the time of year when most Italians take their holidays. It literally is wall to wall people on the beaches and in towns by the sea. There's so much going on in Italy during the summer. I shall post some pics for you next week to give you a little peek 
at my life in southern Italy.

On another note, thankfully, I'm not peeling after my sunburn....thanks to the Ikea after sun lotion I've been applying at least 2 or 3 times per day. I really think it works. 

My husband has a couple weeks off during this time of year and we tackle one room per year to re-do in our home....this way, we don't get overwhelmed and stressed by the enormity of the job. Plus, it makes economic sense. So, please bear with me....
August is definitely a busy month.

giveaway winner

the lucky giveaway winner for 2 free singles from 
Rose Reiter's Standby Album due out this fall is........
(imagine drum roll......) Christianna from the girl with the blue bow blog! Congratulations Christianna! You totally deserve this! 
Just a note: I did try and take a screen shot of the generator, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work this time.

stay tuned for the weekend max list coming up next!



  1. Just dropping by for a visit...i wish i could drop by in Italy!! lovely blog , and now i am off to visit your Etsy shop! ciao bella, x sandra
    ( and i did not know that Ikea does sun lotion!)

  2. Wow, that fiesta looks beautiful, crowded but beautiful! I hope I get to do something crazy like this when I'm there next summer!

    I'm so excited that I won the giveaway! Thanks girlies!

  3. That picture is beautiful! And can't wait to see pictures of your life in Italy!
    I always think, I wish I could pause time so I could comment on everyone's blogs. It really does take a lot of time! It's almost 2:30 am and I still haven't commented on everyone's that I would like to. Well it is off to bed I go...


  4. Congratulations Christianna on the giveaway! I know you will appreciate it because you love music!

    Sandra, thanks for visiting. I love your blog too! I look forward to visiting your blog frequently now that I've found it. Yes, Ikea does great sun lotion and sun screen!

    Cheers! xoxo

  5. I didn't know Ikea did suntan lotion either :) Glad you had a good trip! Be sure to read my latest post-I tagged you for the 7 Links project that has been going around.

  6. I love that photo! Those lights are very, very pretty!


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