Part II - "dinner with Rose Reiter and music giveaway"

Hello All! 

Thank you for returning to Part II of my interview series, dinners with singer, song writer and musician, Rose Reiter. I'm really excited for one of you lucky readers, as Rose has kindly offered two of her songs for the giveaway as mp3 downloads -  one of them, 
as yet, unreleased. 

....Rose, if you knew what you know now, is there anything you 
would do over again?

Yes, I'd consider stop doing "pay-to-play shows a lot earlier. I'd believe in myself and my talent a lot more. I'd not listen to what other people told me was impossible. I'd listen a lot more to my own gut instinct - which I do much better now - and finally, I would honour and value myself a little bit more. That's just life. We live, we learn. And when we lose, we hopefully "don't lose the lesson."

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Be yourself. Be authentic. Explore authenticity. That, and change my right hand strumming pattern from time to time. 

What are you working on at the moment?

My upcoming album, Standby, is due for release later this summer. It's a collection of simple songs that are love notes to those I've loved and love. I am also working with my husband, Gerry plant (professional bassist and composer), as an integral part of PlantShop music - a compositional company for film, television and ad placement. I have begun officially writing a biographical novel regarding my father's life stories and his transition from WWII to a peace-time life in Canada.

What is your dream project?

There are a few...A world tour where I work with instrumentalists from each of the countries we land in. Scoring a really awesome movie. Being the behind the scenes writer for a young new artist. Writing with the Cirque du Soleil team on a new show. All of them involve writing, but I especially love world music. Any world music project - really gets me going.

How would you describe your music and your personal style? 
I've heard it said that you can be described as a "white Sade."

I'd say it's really heartfelt, conversational, honest, and seems to always find the silver lining in our human stories. I'm not a slit-your-wrist kind of writer, although I do have many of those types of songs, but I prefer to inspire and encourage in the midst of suffering, cause' that's where I came from, really. Somehow, in my own personal story, I was able to see the good in situations that many would say were hopeless - and I am proud of the fact that I care about leaving this world in a better state when I eventually leave. My musical style is a lot more varied - everything from acoustic guitar to dance electronica and house - but I typically release the slow, mid temp, heartfelt pieces. One day, I'll release a dance album. I promise. I love to dance.

This is the last question. You know I'm a food lover and that is why this interview is called "dinners with...," so if you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and what would be on the menu?

That's a tough one! There are SO many great people I'd love to have a great conversation over dinner with, and so many lovely cuisines to choose from. The Dalai Lama, Oprah, a variety of scientists, various indigenous peoples from around the world, some great Native Chiefs from my home province of B.C., perhaps King Arthur (different time), and Prince Will and Kate. And definitely some of the elders in our world - they have such a great insight to our journeys. I'd also love to just get all my friends together from around the world and have a great supper. 

Okay. Tonight it would be with actors: Angelina Jolie, Leo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr, Tim Burton, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, David Tenant and Patrick Stewart. We would have freshly made dim sum made by an international dim-sum Chef. Steamed vegetarian dumplings, buns, steam cake ha-gow, and a side order of steamed gai-lan with oyster sauce. We would sit around the table and have a great time. Dessert would include mango pudding and coconut jello, then fortune cookies, with fantastic jokes inside.

Thanks Rose, you've just made me very hungry!

One last thing I would like to say - I can't do this all alone. There are great people that have helped me along the way, and still do, and without them, this music would not be out there. I am so very grateful and blessed for the team I have and for the people and friends that I have met through this journey.

Thank you Rose for taking the time out from your busy schedule to do this interview.

 For more information on Rose - go to or listen to her music on itunes. For those who want to ask more questions regarding a career in music. Rose is open to conversing with younger artists - so feel free to email her with your questions to

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