Life in Italy

a little peek into my life.
this is where i live.
this is the weekend where they celebrate the 
three patron saints of the town.
it can get pretty crazy with all the people and the vendors.

this is where i was for my mini-vacation. a little town near Otranto
it seems like the entire population of italy is here.

hubby, friends and baby. i don't know why they're all hunching down in the photo. perhaps cause' i'm so short? nah.

under the umbrella trying not to get fried in the scorching heat.

this is me with my friends' baby. he is just so adorable and 
has the best personality.

what are you guys doing this weekend? i'm looking forward to finishing up our basic renovations of the living room and closet. we're going for dinner with friends visiting from Copenhagen to a restaurant that specializes in absolutely, mouth watering, delicious steak (i apologize right now to anyone who is a vegetarian. i just can't give it up). going to the local amusement park over the weekend to de-stress and SCREAM my lungs out on the roller coaster!

Have a chillin' weekend my friends!

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