Camping along the Southern Boot of Italy

Happy Tuesday!

I'm off again and this time it's to go camping. As a Canadian, I'm used to the type of camping that involves hiking, trees, streams, lakes and a bit of discomfort. But we're not camping in the traditional sense like camping in the woods here. Italians tend to camp near the sea along the beach or that's what I hear anyways. So, this will be my first time camping in a tent near bed and breakfasts, hotels, pensions and other places of accommodation. I'm still getting used to the idea. Hopefully, I'll come back with some pictures to share with you.

Here are some lovely photos from weheartit to remind you a little bit of nature. 
I love being in the presence of nature because it allows me to be present in the now and helps me forget about the mistakes of the past and the worries of the future if even for only a few seconds or minutes. 

The present is precious. 

Enjoy it.  
Revel in it.

See you very soon.

Look up...God is everywhere

....even in the sand.

The world is God's canvas

for us to enjoy and find peace.

There is no art

so majestic

and freeing.

Revel in its tranquility. 


and be bewitched by its beauty.

What plans do you have?

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