Ode to My Husband

Ode to My Husband

This has been an incredibly busy summer full of holidays and work, and it's also been a summer where I have seen very little of my husband. I have spent half this past summer in Canada spending time with friends and family leaving my husband at home...and now, I'm home alone awaiting his return from Germany. I'm not usually the gushy, schmaltzy, sappy, mushy, hokey type of person, but I felt compelled for some inexplicable reason to write this poem. A voice kept saying in my head, "You have to write this." So, I did. And then I thought...how can I show my husband how much I adore and cherish him and how thankful I am that he's in my life? The answer -  by posting it and putting it "out there." Now, I'm not a poet by any means...so please don't judge me on prose or rhyme. But if you must judge me - you can judge my sincerity.

 Now, if love poems kind of gross you out....you might want to skip reading the rest of this post .-)). 

I'll understand. 


My dear sweet husband,
My world irrevocably changed forever
the day that you were born.
You are my light.
You are my joy.

I never thought
Happiness like this existed,
Except in fairy tales.

I thank God every day for blessing me
With your presence and your love.
I cherish every minute and every hour
That we are together.

My heart is yours,
Forever in time,
On earth,
And in the heavens,
Your heart is mine.

There are no words to tell you how much I love you.
Therefore, may my actions speak loud and clear.

Thank you my little prince.

Thank you.

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