House Sitting a Dog - Sweet Belle

Sweet Belle
- the cutest dog Boston Terrier Pug in the world
(in my eyes anyways)

she's thinking..."um, what are you doing?"

While I was in my hometown of Vancouver, I had the privilege of house-sitting for one of my best friends while she and her family went on holiday to Cabo, Mexico. All I had to do was feed and walk the dog. Not that difficult - right?

Well, hello?! It was so much more work than I had thought. This dog could not wait to get outside every time I came home to take her for a walk. It was like resistance training in itself. I got blisters on both my hands. Sometimes, I would even run just to keep up with her, cause' I was too tired of pulling on the leash.

Later, I found out that they didn't feel the need to walk her everyday because Belle was a small dog and they had a large home and backyard. However, I didn't know that. So, I did walk her everyday, sometimes twice a day for an hour or so and she just loved it. At first, she was anti-social, so she lunged, growled and barked at everything and anyone passing by, but after a few days, she got so much better and I came to enjoy our lovely walk-runs together. People thought she was a male dog because of her looks and thought she was adorable until she lunged at them.

she hates getting her photo taken

I adore dogs, but not enough to take care of them everyday...maybe when I'm older, a lot older; yet in this instance - I fell in love. I never thought I could fall in love with an animal. But life always has some unexpected surprises in store for you. I fell in love with how she greeted me, and how her bum and tale would wiggle with such happiness and enthusiasm. 

I have this rule - I will hug and cuddle an animal, but I will not kiss it, neither on its fur nor mouth; however, on this occasion, I so wanted to break my rule. She was that adorable. I kid you not. I wish I wasn't so germophobic and concerned about hygiene and all that because I would've really liked to have given her a sweet peck before I left.

"come on, give me a good ole' scratch on my tummy - pleeeease?"

I really miss Belle.
I wish I could take her for a walk right now.

Do you have any animal stories you'd like to share?

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