Camping in Southern Italy

Camping Southern Italian Style

I'm so happy to be back from camping. This is the longest I've been away from blogging and I look forward to catching up on all your wonderful blogs very shortly. My husband and I went to join some friends camping on campgrounds, called Riva Di Ugento, near Gallipoli, located on the tip of the boot of Italy (a.k.a Region of Puglia). A good time was had and I met some great people from all over Italy (Naples, Milan, Puglia to name a few), yet it was very exhausting; hence, I'm happy to be back in my own bed.

Can you see the people in the background to the right? 
They're still in shallow water!

The sea was absolutely calm and the waters around the Caribbean and I loved swimming in it because the water was clear and blue. The best thing about the Ionian and the Mediterranean sea is that there are beaches where the water remains shallow for hundreds of metres past the shoreline. This is fantastic for me because I'm a terrible swimmer, so if I'm not touching the water, I panic. 

The water here is great for all kinds of swimming from beginners to experts. Children absolutely love it and so do the adults!

The long shoreline. It goes on and on and on....

The downside was that the sun and humidity were killing me. The sweltering heat had me stay in the sea for most days. I felt like I was turning into a prune. This is what happens when you get too much of a good thing - sun and sea - you start to complain. When you're camping, there is no respite from the heat. Your tent is like a sauna and there's really no wind or breeze in the camp grounds. The only place that had air conditioning was the Grocery Store/Market and it was always packed with people; and I couldn't see ourselves standing in the small market all day long. So, we stayed on the beach from morning until night except for the small breaks we took for lunch and dinner. Despite my 30 SPF sunscreen, it wasn't enough to keep me and my significant other from getting sun burnt on the third day. I honestly think you have to be born and raised in this type of weather to be able to spend as much time as Italians do in the sun. 

Can you see the T.V. in the background?

The fascinating thing about camping in Italy is how many people camp in one area. This particular area, at its peak, fills up with five thousand people! Can you believe it?! That's the size of a village! There were people on a waiting list camping outside the camp grounds waiting to get in. How "mad" is that!

A really cool flying insect. I can't figure out what it is. It kind of looks like a dragon fly...any ideas?
It was bright red in colour. 

What can you expect camping in Italy?
Here are the differences I observed between camping 
North American style vs. Italian style.

Note: keep in mind that most things are optional when camping in any situation or country, except for a sleeping bag, unless of course you're Les Stroud, the Survivorman. So, this list is based on what I have commonly observed and noted.

North America:

Camp in the woods/forests/lake or desert (generally speaking)
Hiking may be involved
Taking a large back pack
Cooking Utensils and Supplies
Gas Propane Stove
Possibly a shower and toilet (indoor/outdoor) depending on the type of camping you're doing. 


Camp near the sea/beach
Swimming pool
Vendors along the beach selling everything from dresses to beach towels, to jewellery and bags, etc.
Grocery Store/Market
Movie Night
Disco Night
Bar and Cafe
Tennis Courts
Indoor Toilets and Showers
Electricity to plug in T.V.'s, radios, etc.
Wi-fi for Internet
Complete stove top
Cooking Utensils and Supplies
Flotation devices

Might you have something to add to these lists?

I'm sure I'll be doing more camping in this country in the future and it'll be interesting to  find out how they camp in Northern Italy. 

p.s. I noticed that I now have a 101 followers. Obviously, it's not a big deal, except to my ego. But my ego says how sweet is that!
Thank you all for your support.

You ROCK!!

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