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Divine Silver

What's not to love about silver? 
It's not as expensive as gold and it lasts forever. 
The only downside is that you have to polish it every once in a while.
I've adored silver jewellery since I was old enough to get a job and start using my hard earned money to buy myself a silver ring and necklace.
I may be older and my tastes have changed, but my love of it still remains.
I've asked myself many times what is it about silver that attracts me? 
Is it the colour, the elegance, or the simple lines? 
I have yet to answer this question because I honestly don't know. 
What I do know is that it brings me joy because of its beauty.
Here is a collection of silver jewellery I'm in love with
at the moment, and which is on my wish list.
So, here's to Christmas and Birthday wish lists and any other time of the year that we can wish for things. 

Reese's wish list:

Asa Jewelry 

I first read about Asa Jewelry on one of my favourite blog reads Splendid Willow and although I didn't win the giveaway.....
can you tell that I'm not bitter? 
I still wanted to write about how fabulous this jewellery is.
I love the simplicity and elegance of the designs.
It's all handmade by Asa Daxberg, who is a Swedish-American designer, and I think the prices are very reasonable.
I hope my husband is reading this.

Hilary Druxman

Silver Jewellery handcrafted in Canada.
I love that this is made in Canada.


Favourite Silver Jewellery
Etsy Shops

Cherry Creek Designs by Heather Gill

Heather personalizes the silver pieces for you with meaning and inspiration

individually handcrated

Bead Creations International

Designs by Donna

Custom made jewellery available in silver and gold

Aren't they divine?

What do you wish for? 

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