The winner of my first ever giveaway!

drum roll please.............................wait! I don't hear it! 
no, just teasing! 
well, I don't hear it, but I can imagine it.
...actually, first let me thank all of you for being 
so lovely and so supportive
comments really do make a blog come to life. 
so, thank you. Thank you, thank you!!

you are special.
you are appreciated

 I wish that all of you could have won....maybe 
one day when I win the lottery :-)).

(imagining the drum roll)
....the winner of my first ever giveaway is.....a special, generous and talented person who is an inspiration and really supports other bloggers -

p.s. the winner was randomly selected the old fashioned way.

(I had my husband close his eyes, stick his hand in a bowl and randomly pick a winner.)

This was so much fun that I will definitely be doing 
more giveaways in the future! 
Thank you all for participating!

have a lovely weekend!

Erin, please contact me at with your details, so I can send you your book 
and the lovely surprise waiting for you!

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