Happy Friday!

Happy Friday All!

First of all, I have to apologize for not being able to leave comments on all your lovely blogs.
This has been an absolutely busy week for me! 
We've been busily renovating our office..starting with the bare walls and it has turned into a bit of a "nightmare" shall we say?
We live by the sea; hence, we're constantly 
fighting humidity and mold.
We mistakenly thought that we could just paint over the walls...well, I mistakenly thought. 
My experience in Canada is just to paint over the existing paint and you're golden. 
I now have a better appreciation of walls made out of wood.

I was absolutely EXCITED about this renovation job because I was going to realize my CHALKBOARD DREAMS...remember my post about chalkboard paint?
I ordered our chalkboard paint online and I thought....3 days - that's all it will take to finish painting the room. 
Well...it's turned into a 6 day job and counting
At first, I thought my husband wanted to do it in "Latin time," but I realized it's because he had a better understanding of how the weather here affects the buildings. 
Every time we painted a part of the wall, bits of plaster would fall off and at one point we had to break into the plaster to get at the source. 
So, we even had to make some cement to apply to the wall before we put on the plaster.

It was not easy.
Every time we finished breaking in the surface, and re-plastering, sanding, mold applications and painting it, some other part of the wall would fall off - SERIOUSLY... 

Here are some photos to show the extent of 
what we were working with.

This is a photo of us working on the worst part of one side of the wall....imagine the other 3 walls and the ceiling 
doing the same thing.

Anyhow, wish us luck this weekend as we're hoping to have it completed before I head to Canada. 

Also, some exciting news....coming up!

stay tuned!

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