Beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Canada

hey everyone!
I'm now in
beautiful vancouver!!

I have just spent the last 24 hours on 3 separate airplanes.
I'm exhausted, but excited to be here.
I will be writing posts from this beautiful hometown of mine. 
But even more fantastic news!
I will be hosting guest posts from fabulous bloggers and
doing some interviews as well.
I'm excited and honoured that they will be on Rambles with Reese sharing their knowledge, wisdom and a bit of their life with you.


I've lived in different places around Canada and other parts of the world, and every time I return to Vancouver, something has changed.
Buildings have been torn down and replaced.
New Parks. New neighbourhoods. New boroughs.
New people.
I still call Vancouver my home, but I guess it's not my home...anymore.
Italy is now my home (geographically speaking).
But, I can't ever imagine saying that Vancouver is not my home.
Are any of you in a similar boat? Living in a different city or country?
Where do you call home? be honest, wherever I've lived, it's never been home
(other than Vancouver).
I never really knew why up until now. 

We all know the old saying, "home is where the heart is."
And my heart now is with my husband. 
I realize this sounds gushy, but I am grateful and thankful everyday that I am with the person I am meant to be with in this life. 
It has been an amazing journey getting here.
Now, it's an incredible and fantastic journey that we share together.
What are your thoughts on home?

Do you have any trips planned this summer?

p.s. if you have any things that you'd like to know about while I'm in Vancouver, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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