Germs and MRSA (drug resistant staph)

Sometimes, I'm germ obsessed...and sometimes, I'm not. 
It depends on my mood and who I've spoken to
or what I've read or seen. 
More often than not, I see little kids in my classes picking their nose and I send them off to the bathroom to wash their hands....and other times, I completely ignore it
because I just can't be bothered (too much work).
I grew up with an extremely germophobic mother, who made me scrub down an apple before I ate it, and she didn't even drink from the same glass from anyone in the family.
She was duly afraid of germs.
I slowly saw myself becoming like her, but travelling throughout the years has helped me release some of this "germ phobia"
that I grew up with.
Travelling helps you grow in so many ways and I'm not talking about a typical holiday at a resort or hotel.
In order to experience the culture, the food and atmosphere of a place, sometimes you just have to forget all the rules that
you learned growing up. 
I can happily say germs don't rule my life, but at one point, I was opening door handles with a part of my clothes or my pinky finger.
Interesting facts about germs.
(things that you might not know)
SELF contributor Maryn McKenna, author of Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA has written that we should be cautious and aware of how we spread and come into contact with germs. Drug-resistant staph also known as MRSA, a bug that was once only contained to hospitals and prisons has made its way into common places.

Skin contact transfers all kinds of germs.
Germs love crowded, sweaty, salty and hot environments. 
Gyms are a great place to spread and contact germs. 
Always wipe down the area where you're going to sit; 
if you don't think you can always remember to do this, 
don't expose any skin to the area or just don't wear shorts.
Women love make-up counters -
never sample something that people are
putting their fingers in. 
These types of germs are also in the food chain, 
so it's important to 
wash all fruit and vegetables. 
Wash your hands with soap. 
We are the carriers of all germs. 

I've had my share of food poisoning and viruses,
but in my opinion,
if you're always thinking of germs, it ruins the fun.  
However, it's always good to be aware. 

What advice do you have on germs?

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