Valentine's Day Inspirations from Italy

To celebrate Valentine's Day on my blog. 
I thought I would just post all my 
favourite Valentine recipes and crafts ideas that I've been seeing on all 
my favourites blogs and websites; including a simple last minute Valentine's Card idea that you can make at home without spending more than a few dollars on paper and glue...from 
me to you! 

It's my way of sharing my love with all of you!

Hope you like them! I sure do!


Sweet Paul's - Valentine's Marble Chocolates.
This recipe is so simple and delicious. You just melt dark chocolate and melt the white chocolate on top and make the swirly designs with a toothpick. Does it get any simpler than this?
Click on the link for step by step recipe instructions.


This lovely Valentine template is free from 
one of my favourite blogs, "This Lovely City". 
Instead of giving a card, you can write a 
Valentine's message or a love note.
Click on the link and download the template from the website.


And from Little Birdie Boutique, Martha Stewart Heart Cupcakes
Cut-out heart shapes, out of a chocolate cake or cupcake, 
with heart-shaped cookie cutters.
Just delicious!

Great Valentine's gift idea from Little Room L.A. 
Bake chocolate cakes or brownies and wrap them in brown paper bags 
with a red ribbon or string and decorate with little red or pink hearts. 
Delicious and simple!

And last, but not least, a simple Valentine's card that anyone can make quickly at home without much fuss. Here's one I made quickly in about 5 minutes. It brought back sweet memories of Valentine's Day when I was little. I realize it's a little simple, but I had time constraints on my hands, so I'm sure you can do a lot better with it.

And finally, something that I'm very happy about.
This is a St. Valentine's inspired drawing that I've been working on to give to my husband and it's finally finished. It took a while because I used a fine-tip colour pen to fill in the colours. I like the tiny marks and details that a fine-tip, ink-pen leaves behind.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day !


  1. Great ideas.
    Hey - Thanks for trying out my recipe and letting me know how it turned out. I am glad you liked them! I always like knowing someone is trying out the recipes. :)

  2. Mmmm, those heart cupcakes look so good! I'm going to have to try my hand at them. They're too cute to resist.

  3. yumm.. those images from martha stewart look awesome.. Hope you had a lovely valentine's day in Italy!! xoxo

  4. Cute stuff! I'm sure your guy loved his card and drawing! :-)

  5. I hope you had the BEST Valentine's Day! Ours was very low key.. just a fun day at the beach!

    I hope your husband LOVED the card you made. I'm sure he did!

    Thanks for including something from my blog on your lovely V-day list! xo

  6. No, thank you - Sarah! My pancakes are so much more better now.


  7. Thanks for sharing your comments with me. They're very appreciated!!! :-))

    And yes, Sarah, my husband loved the card and drawing! I shall have to try and make time to do more of these types of things.


  8. Hi Erin!

    This posting was a pleasure to write! Also, I love all the pink in this posting! I never grew up with pink and now I just love this colour!

    We had a very unromantic day cleaning the flat from top to bottom. However, we enjoyed a beautiful day the day before, so it was all good.

    Thanks for your lovely wishes!

  9. lovely! hope you had a great V-Day and have a great weekend!


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