A Blessing in Disguise

A view from my window

I'm extremely tired, but I can't sleep. 
I went to sleep around 2am this morning and 
woke up to the sound of street cleaners around 6am.
I slipped my feet into my cold slippers and quietly tip-toed away, so as not to wake my husband.
I'm a restless sleeper at best.
I'm lucky if I get a few hours sleep most nights. 
It's a rare night, when I can sleep without interruption.
Sometimes.....I wonder, if I, and others like me 
are not meant to sleep well.
It's winter, and so the air is cold and crisp. 
There is hardly anyone about at this time.
The sun is rising on the Adriatic sea.
The water looks so clean and pure.
The sky hovers above the water and the clouds seem to be 
dancing in the sky; 
the brilliant colours and the variation of hues are 
breathtaking and calming. 
I'm blessed to witness such beauty.
Maybe, not being able to sleep is a gift....possibly, 
a blessing in disguise. 

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