Sweden Photos - Part II

I have this thing for taking photos from an airplane. I love looking at the sky, clouds and whatever else is up above. I don't know why I'm obsessed with them so much...maybe, it's because they're so dreamy looking that they make me dream about possibilities. And, if we can fly in the air then anything is possible for us to accomplish right down here on earth.

When I was little, I used to dream of being many things when I grew up.....a ballerina, an opera singer, a fighter pilot and an astronaut. What did you use to dream of being when you were growing up?

A view of Oresund Bridge connecting 
Denmark and Sweden.

Being on an airplane is the only way I can get these amazing shots.

This photo was taken from the Kaknas T.V. and Radio Tower in Stockholm
(155 metres tall). If you only have a few days in Stockholm, I would miss this activity because it takes some time getting to this tower and it's quite old. Also, there is a mesh fence all around the top of the outside viewing area, so it's difficult to get a good view.

Photos taken from the National Museum, Stockholm.
I just love this display of busts.

Couldn't you just hug this back?

Beautiful - non?

I wish I could take this sculpture home. He is so adorably cute!

Pavement view near City hall.

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