Grey Days of London

It's a grey (gray - U.S. spelling) day today......and as usual, my mind began to meander and reminisce about the days when I used to live in London; and my romantic rendezvous with my husband, just over a year ago, who was my fiance back then. So, here's to grey days. I used to get depressed surrounded by all the grey clouds and buildings in London, but sometimes they're not sooooooo bad......

I can't remember the name of either of these statues , however, they're near the old financial district, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong....I love taking pictures, but I'm not so good at recording the names of statues, monuments or buildings.

The London Bridge

The London Eye

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Martin in the Field's Church
Trafalgar Square

Orange Lanterns in Chinatown 

How do grey days make you feel?

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