Tuesday Market in Italy

Every week on Tuesday, there's an outdoor market in and around the centre of Bisceglie. There's a market in every town in Italy. On this particular Tuesday, my wonderful Ozzie friends and I went to check-out the market. If you're travelling or visiting a foreign country, there is always an open market somewhere and it's great fun. But watch your wallet, as there are a lot of people cramming to buy something, and you can easily lose your wallet and your money buying useless and not so useless items. I've never encountered anything of good quality at a market, but if you're looking for something cheap and fun, you can usually find it there.

Random shot of people in the market.

My Ozzie friends Kate and Jen doing a great job of "Italian posing" for me.

Jen is standing next to an sea green scooter we saw in the market. 
It matches the colour of her skirt.

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