My New Vera Sandals "Fart"

For some of you who have been reading my blog on a regular basis, you will happen to know that I am a fan of Birkenstock shoes - slippers -whatchamacallits. Okay, so remember my trip to Scandinavia? I was looking for Birkenstocks and Havainas (but that's another story) everywhere - for a reasonable price. Well, they did have Birkenstocks in Stockholm, but not the exact pair I wanted, so I ended up buying a flat pair of soft leather, chocolate brown sandals with leather lining instead. The brand of the shoe is "VERA" - good, quality leather sandals. However, there's one thing that I've discovered about these sandals that has become quite embarassing. Yes, you guessed it! My sandals make a noise, more correctly, a fart noise. Every time I take a step, you hear a fart. 

I was in a furniture shop, the other day in Barletta, following a furniture salesperson and as I was walking up the stairs, my sandals passed air every time I took a step. I did apologize and explained that it was my sandals, but I'm not quite sure he understood me in my rudimentary Italian.

So, the next time you hear a fart noise - don't just assume that someone has passed some gas. It could be their sandals or shoes passing air.......oh, unless of course, there's a foul rotten egg odour in the air. 

A photo of my seemingly innocent Scandinavian sandals.

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