Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

The hazy, lazy days of summer are almost gone. I can feel the air is a little cooler and all the tourists are almost gone. I start work soon. Am I sad and melancholy? A little, but I'm also looking forward to working and the fall days where I don't have to worry about sunscreen and mosquitoes. Autumn/Fall has always held great significance for me. It meant the start of a new year. I know that most people celebrate the start of a new year in January, but for me, it begins in September.

Down south in Italy, there's not much of an Autumn. I grew up in a beautiful country where Autumn displayed a miriad of earth colours - various hues of red, orange, brown, green and other colours. However, I'm not complaining because it helps me appreciate what I miss back home. It keeps me from forgetting the little things that I love about life.

A picture of the beach I took last week. All beaches in Ialy look like this - full of people!!


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