Bachelorette Party (Hen Night) in Italy

I'm having to back track a little regarding the wedding.......I've had a couple weeks of parties and more parties. Here's the beginning chapter to the past few weeks.

Okay, so here I am in a foreign country with very few friends.....and I'm talking, very, very few friends. But, my two lovely friends managed to throw me a fabulous Bachelorette party or a.k.a. a Hen party!

In the beginning, the party started off with the three of us and one lovely dog, named Puppy, oh and a couple neighbourhood kids that came to visit. Then the party expanded to two more lovely women from a neighbouring town in Molfetta. My friends made excellent appetizers and cocktails - yum, yum. We all were blisfully happy at the end of the night after many glasses of spumante. We decided to move the party to a local bar near the piazza. We attracted quite a bit of attention because I guess we were foreigners and might I say quite attractive looking in our going out duds :-).

Crudo Ham wrapped around cream cheese with the sweetest grapes picked from a local farm.

Here I am with a lovely neighbourhood guest.

The Five Musketeers.

Taking a break in the piazza. Unfortunately our shoes can't do the 10 minute walk to the bar.

Smiling and laughing after drinking very strong Mojitos.

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