Should you forward that email??

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm officially back from my blog vacation. Has it been only 3 weeks since I left the virtual world? It really seems like forever...thank you for hangin' in there.... maybe there's only a handful of you that stuck around....but for those of you who did....I will love you forever!

In the past, I have posted the weekend max list on fridays, but i'm breaking this little tradition of regularity....:-))). I was going to post something brilliant to mark my return, but this is all I got.

....something to think about as you start your weekend.




  1. Welcome back! :) What did you do at your blog vacation? I should take a vacation from computers totally but it's not possible as I need it at work too. Nice to have you back :)

  2. He-he!

    It does not feel like 3 weks to me either! Glad to have you back and have a nice weekend!


  3. LOL! This was funny. Should I forward it?

    -robots in trouble

    p.s. welcome back!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love that! Here's to coming back into blogging strong, my friend!

  5. oh gosh, that is hilarious! i love that! Welcome back!

  6. Uggh, I hate forwards and usually don't even bother to read them. Welcome back!

  7. brilliant! now just explain this to my dad! ;-)


  8. Hilarious and sooooo true :)

    And I'm so happy you are back!!

  9. hi reese! welcome back! i'm glad you are back from your blog vacation. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. Hope you had a great vacation!! This is funny!! My aunt sends me tons of jokes and forwards...most of them I dont read but once in a while I do and they turn out pretty funny!


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