Happy Labour Day and Blog Update!

I hope all you Americans and Canadians are enjoying your 
labour day holiday! 

Although, I am enjoying my "blog-vacation." I am missing your blogs very much. I can't wait to return! I planned on using this break to be super productive! I'm not sure that I have been, but here are a few things I want to share with you.

During my break: 

I've been working on different types of jewellery, using string, leather and other types of techniques I've been teaching myself - frequent trial and error type things which causes me to sometimes think of pulling my hair, but I don't. As I get older, there's not as much of it.....-)

I've also been working on some illustrations which has been really relaxing and leading me to believe this is what I'm meant to do.

I made this sweet pearl and crystal bracelet and earring set for my little niece who lives all the way out in Toronto, Canada. I've only met her twice since she's been born and now she's already six years old. So, since I started making children's jewellery too, it was high time she got something special. Plus, if she ever breaks it, I can repair it for her. 
So, she can have it forever. Apologies about the photo quality. 

here's a pic that my lovely friend, Sara, sent to me wearing a pair of earrings that I gave her for her birthday from my shop.

p.s. this week only, I will be posting my happy tuesday post on wednesday

a big warm hug to you my friends!



  1. Enjoy the rest of your break friend! And that jewelery set is darling!

  2. Hey Reese,
    Enjoy your blog vacation. I too would be taking a week long break, as I will be away in Vienna for a small vacation.

    Would love to see your DIY projects.

    Take care.

  3. Oh I love that crystal bracelet!! LOVE IT!

  4. Can't wait to see what new jewelry you've been working on...and your illustrations! Love this adorable bracelet and earring set you made. I still love the fact that you make jewelry for kids. Genius!



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