....Italian Wedding - The Anniversary

Today is a Happy Tuesday because yesterday the hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. we had a romantic, candlelit dinner at home to celebrate as I was too tired to go out. 

it was perfect. 

join me as I celebrate and reminisce the day that we said, "i do."

my face is pensive as I'm trying to figure out "what the ...." priest is saying as he's speaking in Italian.

 hand in hand as we walk towards the restaurant from the bar.

i get a backwards cuddle while waiting for our food.

some local women step outside of their homes to have a peek at our wedding lunch.

italians love confettti. normally they use rice, 
but i banned it from the wedding. :-))

a very happy bride.
the shoes came off towards the end.

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic tour of mine.

wishing you a fabulous day my friends!



  1. Awwwwww, thanks for sharing some pictures from your special day! And congrats on two years of wonderful marriage! That's so awesome. You made such a pretty bride!

  2. aw, those pictures are awesome!

  3. happy anniversary :-)

  4. Oh Reese, you made such a lovely bride. A very happy anniversary to you and your husband. Hope you two had a quiet, lovely time out together.

    In my blog post, it's not me, but my friend Roseanne enjoying her lunch meal in Vienna. thank you for your lovely comment.

  5. What lovely pictures! I love that you had a long table set up in the street and how Italian those ladies look that came to say hi. And you looked gorgeous!

    Congratulations once more!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary Reese!!! It looks like SUCH an amazing day! Thanks for sharing with us :) xo

  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! Those pictures are so beautiful...it looks like it was a wonderful day :)

    Thanks also for checking out my new Etsy shop! I'm so glad you liked it :) And I just added your shop to my Favorites so I can keep track of all your new designs!

    Jenn xo

  8. Happy anniversary!! I love these photos. You look so happy and beautiful. And, btw, you two make a pretty adorable couple. :)

  9. awww, happy second anniversary to you and your husband! i wish you two many many more years of love and happiness! :D

    p.s. i loved looking at your wedding photos!

    <3, Mimi
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  10. Aw, your photos look so great! happy anniversary!

  11. Such a gorgeous wedding - and you looked radiant! Sometimes those celebrations at home are far better than an evening out. :-)

  12. you live in ITALY?! so jealous right now. beautiful beautiful wedding hun, and your dress is stunning! happy anniversary!

    The House of Shoes

  13. Happy Anniversary!! You are a gorgeous bride! I love your gown. Such beautiful photos of your wedding.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! :) Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary together. This passed April was one yr for my husband and I! <3

  14. You look so beautiful. I love where you has your reception. Looks idyllic. Thank for stopping by yesterday. I am now following your lovely blog.

  15. awwwh beautiful pictures, congrats on the anniversary!

  16. Happy (late) Anniversary! These pictures are wonderful!!! You are so beautiful! That area that you had the reception looks so amazing. I am glad you have found a forever love :)

  17. Thank you guys for all your wonderful well wishes! My wedding day was a day where I couldn't stop grinning! :-))

    And Pratishtha, sorry i mistook your friend for you. :-(
    And Jenn, i added your shop as a favourite too and I added you in my circle!

    Congratulations Diana on your first year together with your husband!

    And I agree Jessica, sometimes the best moments are spent at home. :-))

    Love R

  18. nice blog!follow us and we will follow you!

  19. p.s. i forgot to say that I never get tired of looking at my wedding photos -how narcissistic is that???!

    how about you?

  20. LOVE this, and love your dress!! you look so happy. congrats on two years and may you enjoy many more together!

  21. great photos
    pretty wedding dress
    thanks for the comment on my blog page - hope you follow


  22. thanks Claire!!! I'm counting on it! xo


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