....Italian Wedding - The Anniversary

Today is a Happy Tuesday because yesterday the hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. we had a romantic, candlelit dinner at home to celebrate as I was too tired to go out. 

it was perfect. 

join me as I celebrate and reminisce the day that we said, "i do."

my face is pensive as I'm trying to figure out "what the ...." priest is saying as he's speaking in Italian.

 hand in hand as we walk towards the restaurant from the bar.

i get a backwards cuddle while waiting for our food.

some local women step outside of their homes to have a peek at our wedding lunch.

italians love confettti. normally they use rice, 
but i banned it from the wedding. :-))

a very happy bride.
the shoes came off towards the end.

I hope you enjoyed this nostalgic tour of mine.

wishing you a fabulous day my friends!


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