Happy Tuesday - Toddlers and Tiaras with Tom and Sophie Hanks

Happy Tuesday All!

today's happy tuesday post is a bit unconventional because it's not a quote or a chart. it's in the form of a video and it includes the talented, funny and charming actor, Tom Hanks and his daughter Sophie.  i stumbled upon this video on gentri lee's blog and I had to share this with you. i adore Tom Hanks. he could possibly be - my favourite actor of all time. actually, after Cary Grant, he is.

this tongue and cheek video with Tom Hanks and his daughter is just too much!!  Ron Howard is even in it. i could watch it
over and over again.
actually - i have! :-DDD

p.s. the lovely tamra at walks with bella is hosting a giveaway with my jewellery. don't forget to drop by her blog if you want to participate.

warmest hugs

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