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woo hoo! It's the weekend! 
I can't tell you how difficult it was to stay indoors in this heat to write this post - my brain is so fried. But I did. So, I'm quite proud of my little accomplishment. It has been so unbelievably hot here in Italy that I have gone for a few dips this week in the sea. How's the weather where you are?

Art like music is something that I can't live without. It makes my life richer in so many ways. Therefore, this Weekend Max List is dedicated to some various forms of art from a few of my favourite, independent artists on Etsy

Tracy is the talented artist behind Krankykrab, who makes nursery decor and personalized art for children. I ordered a personalized cuddles monster print for one of my dear friends back home who had a baby girl, and Tracy posted it direct to their home. During that time Canada Post was on strike, and I wasn't sure it would ever get there, but Tracy was brilliant! I definitely recommend her shop for fun children's illustrations. It was a pleasure to work with her and the service was excellent!

Orange Optimist  just opened a few months ago and it's already doing so well. I adore this red bike against the neutral natural background. This is a limited edition print. 


LoveALittleArt makes personalized art for your home or business. These two collages are made out of wood slices left in a natural colour and painted. I just love how the artist uses materials from nature in her art. 

Some may think these are just hand crafted cushion covers....but, I call them functional art. The House Sparrow via Etsy makes everything from cushions and greeting cards to eco-friendly bags. 

How sweet are these lace heart nesting bowls or this bunny art sculpture made out of porcelain from the amazingly talented and creative Mitsy from ArtMindYou can give these as a gift or display them around your house. Check out her blog as well because she's always posting tutorials and fun things that she's working on. 

I adore the shape and lines of these spinners from Romiceramics.
Perfect to add a little colour and design to any area of your home. They can also be used as votives, herb planters, as a vase or tabletop accessory. The great thing about these spinners is that you can mix and match them as you wish.

These are just the cutest prints from fine art illustrator
 kim heller at kil sook

I hope you enjoyed this list. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, as I promised you a "bull" this week....
and I'm about to deliver.

have a happy weekend my friends!


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