The Bull in Naples

Happy Saturday y'all! 

Normally I don't post on the weekend, but this is a special post. I promised that I would write about my Canada and Independence Day weekend in Naples and here it is. It was a really cool experience because we were in a park that used to be the crater of an old volcano. The temperature here was even different from outside of the park - much cooler inside this old crater. It was a great weekend spent with friends and you can't ever go wrong with live music, beer, amusement games, a pie eating contest and fireworks!

the men showing off their brawn.

some of us needed a nap after a very large meal.

it wouldn't be the same without a traditional pie eating contest.

and finally, the men couldn't resist having a "bull of a weekend." 

 I bet this wasn't the kind of "bull" you were expecting....was it?



  1. mmmm that pie eating contest sounds amazing!

  2. You guys are having too much fun. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  3. This affair is taking place in Naples? Interesting!

  4. Pleasant Post. This record helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

  5. it looks like a great time! i love that photo of the guys showing their brawn. hahahah fabulous!

  6. wow...looks like you had the perfect weekend! and the weather looks just right too!

  7. This looks like so much fun! What a great way to spend the holiday weekend. And, yeah, I was expecting a live bull :)

  8. Hi Reese!
    Oh what fun these pictures are. I am so glad you had a fun time for Independence Day!
    Thank you so much for your email! I just got back from a little vacation, so I will respond soon!
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  9. that looks like a blast! :D
    and is it true that naples has the best pizza? :)

    <3, Mimi

  10. ha, no. wasn't expecting that kind of bull! This looks like great fun though. And I wish I could have found something similar in Nicaragua! I had to settle for a very tough hamburger with one Canadien and one Dutch. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  11. Thanks for all your comments guys! I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day weekend too!

    And yes, pizza in Naples is quite delicious! Although, this time I ate a hamburgers and hot dogs and great Filipino food. When you live here so long....eating Italian all the time can get quite dull.

    p.s. pizza in Naples is famous because their pizza is so good and they make their pizzas with a thicker dough base, whereas in the rest of Italy, the flat pizza is more common.

  12. Hysterical! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog so I could find your Italian adventures. I'm so excited to read along!


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