What's New? The Muppets - 2011 and giveaway win from My Suitcase Heart & Pressed Petal Shop

I want to apologize to all you avid shoppers out there because I'm skipping the Weekend Max list this week and telling you what's new in my life. I'm so delighted because I received a package from a giveaway I won on the blog, "My Suitcase Heart" run by Janis and Michael, who chronicle their wonderful life together in Vancouver (my home town) through amazing photos. The giveaway was a candle handmade by Kathryn at Pressed Petal Shop on Etsy. She's an artist from nearby Victoria, and also designs accessories and candles. I was thrilled when I heard I was one of the giveaway winners. It's my first giveaway that I've ever won!! So thank you Kathryn, Janis and Michael. You made me a happy camper today for sure. 

Now, here's a little insight into my life....I almost didn't receive the giveaway because of my own stupidity....I know this sounds a little odd, but I generally don't answer our door buzzer because we tend to get quite a few people ringing everyday just to get into the complex that we live in.....selling fruits and vegetables, or bread, or talk to me about God and the bible, or ask me for money. And it's all in Italian. However, today my sixth sense told me to answer the door - and yay! It was the postwoman! Have I told you how the Italian's been going?....Not so good. I've literally not picked up my grammar book since March. I've always been a terrible student. Living and breathing Italian does not equate to me being a better student....sigh :-(


The Muppets are coming!!!!! 
can you see me doing the jiggy dance? .-)))

I don't generally talk about movies on my blog because there are plenty of blogs and websites out there that already do that...however, I'm going to make an exception today because I am so psyched about this upcoming movie. Who doesn't remember growing with the Muppets on T.V? And I think Amy Adam and Jason Segel are perfect for this movie.  

I can't wait to watch it this fall! How about you? Is there something you just can't wait for?

p.s. I have been trying to reply to all the comments and emails that I've been getting....and I have fallen short. I usually try and reply to every single one, but it's getting harder to do with the work load that I have at the moment. Please do know that I appreciate and love all the comments and emails
that you send me. 

Wishing you marvellous weekend!

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