I'll Have a Blue Christmas...

blue and white christmas

last year we had a mishmash of colours and a christmas tree full of tinsel but somehow this year our tree turned out to be blue and white with simple accents of silver and gold. 
my husband might have been the mastermind behind this colour palette. 

around this time of year...my heart hurts a little. i get terribly homesick and it doesn't help that my birthday falls around this period as well. i always think that it will get better as time goes by but it never does. i know that those of you who live far away from friends and family will understand that tight feeling in your chest and the unexplained tears that well up in your eyes. my only remedy for this is to overdose on christmas movies.

do you have a remedy for homesickness?
wishing you a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter. 

may you have a magical christmas!



  1. Just love your blue Christmas pictures <3
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Yes, Christmas is the time of year when certain feelings and memories really grab you.

    This is the first time we're not spending Christmas with our kids. We're by ourselves in a foreign land (Moldova)and trying to make the best of it. I'm cooking two village geese and invited other expats who are not going home for Christmas.

    Next year . . .

    Crastiun Fericit (Merry Christmas) from Moldova. Enjoy your beautiful tree!

  3. You have a beautiful Christmas tree! xoxo

  4. i've been fortunate to live only 5 hrs from my immediate family. i've only missed one christmas, but i was traveling through europe!

  5. awwww sorry for your homesickness :( make sure you get in lots of phone calls! Love the blue decor!

  6. Oh dear, I do know about homesickness and no remedy works. What works is to keep super busy, and to arrange a lot of homey-things around you, food and traditions from home added to the new stuff.

    Right after Christmas, write yourself a note that your present for next year is a trip back home!

    Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas, dear Reese.

  7. hey thnx for following me!! i just followed u too!!

    Btw love the christmas trees!! blue n white a new colour combination but loving it!!

  8. First off, your tree is soooo lovely! I'm a big fan!

    Second, I'm sorry that you are feeling homesick. I still live at home, but one day this won't be the case and I'll know what you mean. Hope you find awesome amounts of joy everywhere you look!

  9. Love your Christmas tree! I do the same thing when I'm homesick - I watch a lot of movies but especially ones that I watched with my mom when I was little.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!! :)

  10. I love your decor and your tree!!! I hope you get to feeling better and that the homesick doesnt last for too long so you can enjoy the holiday.

    Thank you so much for sending such a beatiful Christmas card, we love it and you!! xoxo

  11. I love the blue and white color combo.

    No remedy for homesickness unfortunately =-( But I'm sorry you're feeling it.

  12. Your decorations look so beautiful - I love the blue and white tree.

    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday even though your family is far. Big hugs!

  13. Thanks for your visit&comment. I am so glad you came by so I could find your blog, love it! Have a wonderful Christmas, hope you don't feel too sad.

  14. awww I'm sorry you're homesick! Your tree looks lovely though and I'm glad you have hubby to enjoy it with.

  15. Sorry it's a rough time being away from family.
    I do the Christmas movie thing too. Friends are the best remedy and getting out and about.

    The blue looks great. I have hot pink balls on my green tinsely tree!

  16. i think it's a beautiful christmas color palette! i remember one year when we had a blue, white, and silver motif for christmas, it was beautiful! :)

    i don't really know how to remedy homesickness, but watching christmas movies sounds good to me. maybe talking to your loved ones on the phone while also starting your own christmas/birthday traditions might help? :)

    i hope you have a merry, merry christmas!!!

    <3, Mimi

  17. Darling a very Merry Christmas to you!

    I know that feeling of homesickness too well. It is particularly hard at times where culture and tradition play a central role - like at Christmas.

    I hope you are surrounded by dear friends and people who may also be expats. It helps to stick together at times like these.

    Wishing you a most splendid 2012 my friend and a wonderful continuation of Christmas.

    xx Charlotta

  18. Festive season does that to many people. I miss my parents a lot these days. I lost my mom a year back, and lost my dad this year. So, you can imagine the pain i feel when I see all the lights and happiness.

    So chin up, beautiful lady, for such is life. Sending you warm hugs and joy vibes. Have a beautiful holiday!

  19. Merry Christmas Reese. I hope you've been enjoying peaceful and festive days, and that you didn't get too homesick.

    This greeting reaches you a little later than I intended. I haven't been much around in blogosphere, as I was dealing with the flu before Christmas.

    Greetings from Antwerp

  20. love this christmas post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  21. Beautiful tree. I live on the other end of the US from my family, so I get it. hate having family so far away. I hope you had a lovely holiday!


  22. I love your palette, sweetie! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you are enjoying the holidays :) xoxo

  23. wow, this looks nice! happy holidays!



  24. i used those same colors a few years ago... hope you had a fantastic time!!!

  25. Love the blue and white! So elegant and pretty! I am sorry this time of year can be hard for you. I have experienced that feeling before in the past. I hope that as the new year is about to start, that you feel happier and full of joy!


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