I'll Have a Blue Christmas...

blue and white christmas

last year we had a mishmash of colours and a christmas tree full of tinsel but somehow this year our tree turned out to be blue and white with simple accents of silver and gold. 
my husband might have been the mastermind behind this colour palette. 

around this time of year...my heart hurts a little. i get terribly homesick and it doesn't help that my birthday falls around this period as well. i always think that it will get better as time goes by but it never does. i know that those of you who live far away from friends and family will understand that tight feeling in your chest and the unexplained tears that well up in your eyes. my only remedy for this is to overdose on christmas movies.

do you have a remedy for homesickness?
wishing you a wonderful christmas full of love and laughter. 

may you have a magical christmas!


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