Happy Tuesday

I want to say how grateful I am to you all for the feedback you've been giving me. It really is just amazing! I hope you realize how much you inspire me and others by leaving a little love through your comments and emails.

This past weekend, I hardly got any time online, so this week is all about reorganizing and scheduling time for that and sending some love your way. I am happy to say that it was a productive weekend. I started refurbishing a side table with my Bosch sander, which I absolutely love. Talk about being enamoured with hardware. I'm starting to understand why my husband likes to hang out in the hardware store and stare at nuts and bolts. Speaking of which, my sweet hubby got around to doing some work around the flat requiring some of those nuts and bolts. While he was doing that, I was able to work on some illustrations and make jewellery for my future shops. I was able to quiet the negative voice inside me and stopped procrastinating. 

This quote below so resonates with me and everything 
I'm doing right now. 
So, if you feel like you're stuck in a rut or need a change, or just want to reshape your life, keep reading. And keep reading Happy Tuesday POSTS or pop me an email.

I have spent all my life doing the practical thing, following the pragmatic route and I am breaking free from that - 
one step at a time. 
I hope you will join me. 
We can take this journey together. 

it doesn't get any truer than this. 

so what are you doing that you've never done before?


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