Weekend Max List - Furniture Fantasy

Usually, for the weekend max list, I mix it up a bit with different products and designs that I heart and want to share with you. However, I am dedicating this weekend's max list post to products and designed by one special person and his design company - judson beaumont of Straight Line DesignsHe designs for every day people, including props for movies and commercials. 

Imagine if money and design was no object, would you create something that came straight out of a Disney movie? I know that I would. I'm a kid at heart. But since I don't know one thing about using hardware tools other than how to use my sander, I'm happy to know that I can buy ingenious products like his.  

Not only is Judson Beaumont full of imagination and fun, he's also from my hometown Vancouver. I think it's a bit ironic that I didn't know he existed while I was living in Vancouver and now I've discovered his products all the way in Italy.....sigh. 
Now I wish it wouldn't cost so much to ship overseas. 

how sweet and cute is this clock embedded into an armoire? 
some lucky little girls and boys have this somewhere around the world in their bedroom.

can you believe these dressers? dr. seuss anyone?

this isn't like any grandfather clock I've ever seen.

how about this fun dresser?

a little's girl dream come true - to have her own Cinderella carriage to sleep in. 
what little boy wouldn't heart this for his bedroom?

this chair which would fit perfectly into any environment you choose. you could fill it below with books, toys, water bottles, anything that your imagination can think of... :-)). 

crayola furniture!!

the creator, judson beaumont with his crayola grandfather clock.

p.s. some of you have been asking me if I have a board on pinterest. I do! I have lots! Just click on the P button on the top right hand corner of my blog and it will link you to my boards. 

Wishing you a super weekend filled with lovely little surprises. 


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