Weekend Max List: Father's Day Ideas via Etsy

This week my creativity has been spurred on by reading about and watching videos of other designers, artists and crafters. If you are truly interested in creating something from nothing, I truly recommend going and searching out these blogs of inspiration. They have certainly motivated me.

Now, as we all know, creativity flows in different ways for all of us, and mine comes in spurts and sputters. And I am frequently drawn to taking heaps of breaks in the form of Pinterest, Etsy, Heartsy, online magazines and your blogs.
Besides that, with the gorgeous summer weather already here, it seems such a shame to spend most of my time indoors. However, with all that being said, in order to make anything come to fruition, you have to dig in and do the work.

So as I was writing this post, I had a revelation. I thought to myself.....why am I so great at procrastination (blaming it on laziness)? At that very moment, I realized, it's not laziness. It's fear. It's fear of making things happen and afraid that I won't be able to do it or what I create will be absolute crap.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to self criticism and judgment. My subconscious was sabotaging me. I was completely unaware how it has been influencing my actions and feelings. So, I'm digging in and doing the work and trying to be more self aware to be conscious of my subconscious
.....i hope i didn't lose you there :-)).


So, here is the Weekend Max List dedicated to Father's Day and you design and shopping enthusiasts
all from Etsy.

 this rustic brown leather handbound book from Karleigh Jae would be the perfect gift for the father in your life.

a great gift for the writer or drawer would be an adjustable velcro bandoiler by Clever Hands that can be attached to a journal, planner or any other book.

or for the man who loves bikes, pixelthis makes clocks from recycled bike brake disks. i know my husband would love this. can you buy a father's day gift for someone who is not a dad?

how about a personalized, handstitched, leather ipad, macbook or laptop case from Harlex? actually, I would quite love it
for myself too.

i adore the natural wood via J. Robbins Wood Works. the men I know are drawn to the earthiness, and the natural resilience and strength that emanates from wood.

for the avid beer drinker and cycler, this beer holder from Walnut Studiolo is just rad!

we can't forget about the musical dad, this sterling silver guitar pick from Jessie McCann Jewelry can be personalized.

now this one isn't from etsy, but it's just too cute not to mention. these modern gnomes designed by Joe Velutto and Alberto Fabbian would complement a modern, contemporary man's garden.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend!

A big virtual hug to you all!

p.s. don't forget how fabulous you are.

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