Medieval Festival, Italy

Medieval Festival in Bitetto, Italy

It's been quite some time that I've wrote anything about Italy. So, here are some photos I'd like to share with you that I took at a  Medieval Festival in Bitetto a while back. Bitetto is a very small town in Puglia; and is one of many towns that like to have a Medieval Festival. If you're into browsing the market for handmade medieval goods or the odd trinket, these markets are a lot of fun for everyone. There's even some Medieval games that you can play for a euro or two. 

vined oranges hung around everywhere.

vendors preparing their stalls. 

 all the vendors participating wore Medieval period costumes.

spices and beans and me. 

weaving baskets the old fashioned way.

 these men were making chain mail by hand. 
can you imagine the patience needed for each link?

 medieval helmets

 there were lots of these unusual stone work moldings outside buildings.

a mask to scare evil spirits away perhaps?

people are small down south.
my friend, Amory, standing next to one of many small doors.

little girls selling posies or daisies...not sure - 
i'm not great at naming flowers.

the old town hall. 

 what is this statue doing? 
maybe I don't want to know.

 bows and arrows...seeing these take me back in time.

love watching people make things by hand. 

 medieval market

town piazza

took a quick break to eat....a lot of fried food here - not so healthy, but enjoyable nonetheless. gotta say, there's not much healthy fast food in this area (or is that an oxymoron?).

the Medieval version of "dunk the clown."


"I did it!"

 a mice race...i wonder what happens to the mice afterwards?

I hope you enjoyed this little Medieval tour.


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